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What you are seeing
now is live coverage from that
site. Scientists have been unable
to determine the origin of this
creature, but they hypothesize
that it has remained dormant
underneath the meteor crater
for over 50,000 years.

The creature's mass is
enormous and its emergence
has caused widespread
earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
and dust storms throughout
the Western United States.

Cities close to the crater such
as Winslow and Flagstaff have
been hit the hardest. Thousands
are missing and many are without
food, water and power.

The President was
unavailable for comment,
but the National Guard has
been deployed throughout
the Western United States.

However, the
biggest question on
everyone's mind is--

--Where is

If it were not for you
and these Citizen-Soldiers
of The National Guard--
--Many more lives
would have been
lost. The American
spirit is epitomized
by all of you--
--And we will
be forever in
your debt.
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